HOTWAX MULTIMEDIA provides up to date information and analysis on the emerging blockchain, crypto currency, asset tokenization, fintech and smart contract markets. We educate and consult individuals, groups and organizations on:

• How to strategize, gain exposure and trade crypto currencies as an investment.

• How to provide rock solid 100% safe and secure custody of top crypto currencies like XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and more.

• How to analyze blockchain networks and crypto currencies to tell if they are a good investment.

• What is blockchain, how it works and why it matters to you and your business.

• How smart contracts are revolutionizing everything from diamonds, insurance, music, real estate and more.

• The future winners and losers in the banking industry and the new realtime ‘”Global Express Banking”.

• The “Internet of Value” where money, crypto, real estate, fine art, stocks, precious metals, oil and much more are traded and settled in 4 seconds globally.

• How individuals will send and receive money as quickly and easily as texts and emails.

• How real time streaming micro payments will change the way people consume internet content around the world.

• How and why some companies will transition to “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations” (DAO) with the help of blockchain, AI, IoT and smart contracts.

 Why blockchain technology causes disintermediation and how it will effect the future.

These blockchain technologies are happening now, and they are moving fast. Obtaining accurate information is imperative to successfully navigating and profiting from these new transformative technologies.

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